Who we are


HR Wise, LLC has clients with offices located across the United States. We understand that our own success is wholly dependent upon the successful ability of our clients to engage in growing their business in whatever way suits them best, wherever they are at. Our duty is to remove much of the burden of running a business so that the owners can focus on getting to the top of their field and staying there.

The HR Wise difference is where we serve as more than just your bi – weekly or weekly payroll processing center. In this changing economy it is not enough to expect that things can just continue the same week after week and year after year. Innovation in all areas of your business is required to thrive, and we are there to innovate for you. Contact one of our specialists today for more information on how we can help you take your business to the next level.


Our mission is Providing personable and professional human resource and payroll services to businesses which are tailored to support an owner’s primary motivation to grow and succeed at whatever they do.

About the Owner

With twenty years of experience Greg O’Keefe created HR Wise as a distinct and better alternative to other human resources companies. His years of sales experience and time as a business owner have given him an insight and empathy that helps set him and HR Wise apart from the competition.


All HR Wise employees extensive experience in their area of expertise which is why they are working with us. Employees are also trained in effective methods of staying abreast of new laws and regulations at the
federal and state level in order to keep them fully informed.