Employee Benefits Administration Solutions

For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Attracting and keeping the best employees in your industry is one of the best ways to ensure that your business thrives. HR Wise llc helps you design benefits plans that keep employees happy while watching your bottom line.

Benefits Administration Overview

Benefits with Flexibility:

Customize Your Benefits

FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, and COBRA benefit services can easily be administered and used to supplement existing plans. Third-party complementary programs give your employees benefit management options that fit their unique needs.

Benefits Administration:

Effortlessly Manage Benefits

Easy to use software and mobile options make it simple to select benefits, manage plans, and run reports to see contribution amounts, benefits payments, and much more. 


Help your team with their retirement plans. Retaining top talent means providing options that make their retirement planning easy. HR Wise llc can help you stay on track with our expert teams who can guide you through setting up the best plan possible for your employees.

Group Health Insurance:

Our licensed professionals can help your company navigate through your benefits administration and group health insurance related needs. Find out how HR Wise llc can help you get the most out of your health insurance plans.

Business Insurance:

HR Wise llc licensed insurance professionals are here to support your benefits administration services teams. Get assistance evaluating coverage options, protect your business from costly errors, comprehensive breakdowns of benefits packages, cost analysis, and payroll integration.

Workers Compensation:

Simplify your insurance needs with HR Wise llc. Our dedicated team of experts can help you figure out what’s the best coverage for your company. Get access to workers’ compensation audit assistance, support with claims, risk analysis, and safety evaluations.

HR Wise llc Makes Employee Benefits Management Easy

See how easy benefits administration can be when you’ve got the right software. HR Wise can help your team grow your business and manage employee benefits, retirement plans, health insurance, and business insurance. Get a customized employee benefits management system that is mobile, dynamic, and stress free.

Employee Benefits Management Made Easier

Upgrade Your Benefits:

Mobile access, easy-to-use software, identification credentials, and in-app notifications about changes and updates can give your business a competitive edge for attracting top tier talent.

Go Mobile:

HR Wise software and dashboards allow you to login to your account from anywhere in the world. Keep your business moving forward and access your employee benefits administration tools right when you need them.


Easily integrate benefits administration software and systems with outside platforms. Keep the tools that you need to operate connected with comprehensive integration options.

Data Insights:

Manage your benefits administration by identifying key metrics and through monitoring industry and seasonal trends. Use analytics and data tracking to make calculated business decisions.

Custom Tools:

Manage benefit package offerings by employee groups, create custom user plans, view employee and employer costs by plan, update and share enrollment guidelines, and provide plan-specific messages for staff.

Employee Access:

Allow employees to be in control of their own benefits administration options. Informed employees are more likely to have regular checkups and maintain their health in the long term. A healthy business needs a healthy team. Employee benefits management tools are a great way to promote health and wellness initiatives for staff too.

HR Wise llc Benefits Adminstration FAQs

Yes, employees can access their benefits information anytime and from anywhere with our mobile app. Employees can take control of updating their enrollments, major life events, changes to dependents, contribution amounts, and beneficiaries as well.

Yes, our robust reporting is designed to give you easy to comprehend insights into your benefits administration management. Preparing for open enrollment, reconciling new elections, updating contribution amounts, and plan election breakdowns is a painless process that is easily integrated to save your administrators time and countless headaches.

Yes, easily manage your benefits for open enrollment and ordering insurance cards. Accessing notifications in the mobile app can provide updates on documentation requirements, and claim status.

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