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Dedicated account managers give you the support you deserves:

Human resources services have become streamlined and simplified with the help of technology, but sometimes you may encounter an HR related question that is too complex for software alone to address. 

Our dedicated account managers can help your HR team with major initiatives, difficult to navigate projects, or even everyday questions that might require further clarification.  Answering questions about health benefits, family leave, and flexible work options are also some of the areas that our team of professionals can assist your in-house HR team with as well.

HR Services From The Experts At HR Wise llc

Compliance Dashboard Updates:

Know when regulations change and how to protect your business

Not knowing when there are updates to regulations can have legal and financial impacts on your business. Taking a proactive stance and utilizing HR Wise’s intuitive dashboard and HR compliance courses can help your team stay ahead of the curve when new laws are rolled out. Access EEO and FLSA compliance data, industry news, work authorizations, certifications, and much more with ease in the compliance dashboard.

HR Edge:

Take the guesswork out of your HR services

Quickly create and adjust employee schedules from anywhere. Link to payroll data to avoid having to manually adjust time cards when unexpected changes occur. Scheduling has never been easier.


Save time with HR on demand

HR experts ready to help when you need it. Our HR services reps are able to answer your questions quickly and accurately. Here are just a few of our human resources services:

  • HR HelpDesk: Our HelpDesk is available by email, phone, or chat to answer your HR related questions. 
  • Quick HR answers: online resources for common HR services questions.
  • HR forms and documents: Gain access to templates for checklists, job descriptions, policy outlines, and other best practices. 
  • Employee handbook wizard: Make your own custom employee handbook that can include federal and state employment laws. 
  • Job description wizard: Curate your job descriptions with access to an in-depth library of over 300 job titles and descriptions. 
  • HR checkups: Run compliance checks to see how you stack up against the rest of the industry for best practices. 

These key resources for human resources services are helpful for businesses of any size and are especially useful for small businesses without internal HR services teams.

HR Processes:

Optimize your human resource services processes

Get the most out of your HR processes with HR Wise. Don’t let your team waste countless hours working with antiquated systems. Our experts can help you maximize your efforts in payroll, compliance, human capital, talent management, and many other areas as well. 

Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Payroll and HR administration processes evaluation
  • Support for benefits administration teams
  • Time processes review summary
  • Self-service accomodations for employees
  • Benefits programs, compliance tracking, and reporting
  • Customized training and best-practice guidelines

HR Advice:

Improve your HR services operations

When your business is looking to scale, merge, reorganize, or is involved in an acquisition, that’s no time to be guessing on how to move forward. HR Wise can help you manage major changes for your organization confidently. 

Shaking up your business model can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Our seasoned experts can guide your team through changes to human capital management and other in-depth processes that can affect your company.

HR Support Services:

HR services support when you need it

Knowing that you’ve got human resource services support experts in your corner when you need them provides great peace of mind. HR Wise can help you navigate through confusing compliance issues, payroll setup, and other HR related concerns that you may have. 

See the difference that having dedicated support staff to help your company grow can mean for your small business.

Easy Employee Access:

Human resource services made to order

It’s easy for employees to stay connected with our state of the art self-service portal, mobile app, and notifications. Sharing company wide updates and keeping employees aware of changes to policy or benefits is simplified with integrated software design and a single location for all new developments. No more lost email announcements or missed memos regarding company policy.

Data Analysis:

Use analytics and reporting to learn more about your employees

Our human resources services reporting tools, analytics, software, and dashboards give your team real-time, updated data to ensure that you’re tracking the right metrics to stay ahead of the competition. Calculating how you can improve key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions has never been easier.

HR Services In Phoenix, AZ With A Personal Touch

Having a team of HR services professionals with decades of experience in your corner if you ever need them provides great peace of mind. If you have questions that pertain to your human resources initiatives, state and federal compliance, benefits, or other HR related areas, HR Wise llc is here to help.

HR Services Additional Features

Customizable Checklists

Use custom templates to manage HR services tasks, ideal for checklist of new hire requirements, and other lengthy tasks that involve multiple and complex steps.

Dynamic Templates

Editing templates to fit your unique business needs is a breeze with dynamic templates. Tracking earnings, trends, demographics, direct deposits, deductions, and hundreds of other data points is condensed into one easy to use dashboard.

Reporting Integration

Tracking and reporting with dynamic and comprehensive metrics provides strategic, data-driven decision making. Configure reports using hundreds of design templates, create a report distribution schedule, and automatically send to designated recipients easily and efficiently.

Interactive Employee Action Forms

Automation of processing and form submissions for changes to employee status, benefits, title, compensation, or other services is fast and easy with employee action forms. Employees can request manager approvals and make updates to current plans with just a few clicks.

Role Specific Management

Predict open positions, budgetary changes, compensation updates, and compliance issues. Tracking, reporting, and deciphering position-level data provides a better understanding of potential industry trends that could affect your workforce.

HR Wise llc HR Services FAQs

A variety of business activities fall into the category of HR services. These administrative processes are what help keep a company hiring, recruiting, and managing workflow effectively. 

  • Human resources on demand:
    The HR Wise help desk is here to answer questions and support HR teams with compliance issues. Guidelines, required documents, and forms can all be accessed through the help desk.
  • Outsource assistance:
    HR outsourcing is fast and easy with our team of specialists who can manage some or all administrative duties on behalf of your business.
  • Consulting Strategy Services:
    Strategy experts help your team address critical issues through data to identify areas that can help or harm your business. Compliance, talent, internal communications, and human capital management are all included in these services. 
  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO):
    A PEO covers outsourcing services that pertain to payroll services, human resources, benefits, and governmental compliance. This partnered outsourcing is called co-employment, meaning that some liabilities are shared.

HR services encompass a wide range of required processes and systems that are required for every business to function properly. Payroll, benefits, time off requests, and hiring are just a few of the areas that fall under the human resources umbrella. Here are some of the other human resource services that HR teams provide to employees: 

  • Health benefits
  • 401k management
  • Tax filings
  • Hiring and onboarding employees
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Family and medical leave processes
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Student loan repayment options
  • Flexible and work from home arrangements

To optimize your HR systems you need to have reliable data and know how to harness it.

Gathering the right data using analytics, reports, and tracking is the first step in HR optimization. Having gathered your data, you’ll need to sift through to see what data is going to be the most useful for your business needs. Once you’ve pinpointed how you can most effectively track your human resource services, you can set actionable goals for your teams. Data-driven decision making can save your company time and money when it comes to company policy, long-term projects, and much more.

There are two types of human resource services. The daily HR needs for any business are the first type of services that HR teams manage for companies. Payroll processing, time/attendance management, compliance, legal issues, internal policy guidelines, and data reporting are some of the main duties that HR services coordinate daily. 

The other side of HR is the planning and implementation of long term goals for hiring, talent retention, and elevating engagement with employees for improved job satisfaction

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