Mobile Payroll Solutions
For Small Business

Access For When You’re On The Move:

Being out of the office doesn’t mean that work stops. The HR Wise mobile app can help you manage your business from anywhere in the world. Communicating directly with employees in real time keeps your company moving forward, even when you’re not at your desk. From payroll services for small businesses to approving time off requests, coordinating with your employees quickly and easily gives you the freedom to live your life outside of the office while still maintaining constant contact with your team.

Mobile Capabilities

Employee's Mobile App:

Empower Your Team

  • Log in using fingerprint recognition for faster,
    easier access
  • View paychecks, check history, schedules,
    timesheets, and time-off requests
  • Clock in and out within a radius set by managers
  • Access company directory, update contact
    information, and reward colleagues with Impressions
  • Stay current on company news, announcements,
    and employee achievements
  • Receive push notifications when time-off requests
    have been approved or checks are available to view
  • Capture photos of receipts for expense reports
  • Enter reoccurring unavailable blocks through Scheduler

Manager's Mobile App:

Simplicity & Convenience For Your Admin Team

  • Review and approve schedule changes, timesheets,
    and time-off requests instantly
  • Receive push notifications of employee time-off
    requests, schedule changes, and employee recognition
  • Get time-off requests, schedule changes, and
    employee recognition badges with ease
  • View the employee’s unavailable blocks of time on
    the Scheduler as a reference when creating the
    weekly schedule

Consolidate Information:

Sign, Sealed, & Electronically Stored

It’s great to have employee handbooks, directories, and other resources for your staff to access when they have questions. Keeping all of your company guides and information up to date and in one place makes it easy for employees to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Easy Expense Reports:

Fast, Easy, & Secure

Submitting expense reports is easier than ever before with the HR Wise llc mobile app. Upload, submit, and approve expenses instantly from the road or office. Keep track of your receipts online and cut down on time consuming paperwork for your payroll services team.

HR Wise llc Making Talent Management A Breeze:

Utilize the latest recruiting and talent management tools to make hiring, onboarding and managing a easier than ever.

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