Time and Attendance Systems For Medium to Small Businesses

Time And Attendance Workforce Management Solutions:

Manage company time and attendance services for employees using HR Wise llc’s proven workforce management solutions software. Time and attendance systems for small businesses require scalable solutions and easy to integrate platforms to accommodate future growth. Using HR Wise llc employee time management systems sets up your growing business for easy transitions when your business needs evolve.

Features and Benefits of Time and Attendance Services
for Medium to Small Businesses

Modernizing your employee time management system can save you time and money. Whether you’re looking to scale your company up or need more comprehensive workforce management solutions, HR Wise llc has the tools to help. Find out how much your company can save with our automated time and attendance services for small businesses.

Time and Labor Management Solutions:

Streamlining and automating manual HR processes to ensure that your employee time management system can scale up when your business grows. Modern and easy-to-use online tools allow HR teams to accurately and evenly distribute workflow to employees and management for increased productivity and enhanced oversight capabilities.

Comprehensive Mobile App:

Going mobile with your employee time management system is fast and easy with the HR Wise llc mobile app. Time and attendance systems for small businesses don’t have to be complicated, taking your team mobile with online applications allows for instant access to schedules, time off requests, and much more.

Tablet Kiosk Time And Attendance Services:

Simplify your time and attendance services with an easy-to-use and securely configured tablet kiosk to monitor clock-in, lunch, and break periods. Save valuable company time by communicating updates to employees through messaging options and online one click tip adjustment.

Pinpointed Geofencing Capabilities:

Set up location parameters as a part of your employee time management system. Using geofencing technology allows employees to clock-in within designated geographic locations. This workforce management solution cuts down on unnecessary payroll costs and gets your staff out in the field faster.


Go Mobile

Connect to your employee time management system anytime and from anywhere. Taking your team mobile frees up your employees to spend less time clocking in and more time working with clients.

Easy Integrations

Easily integrate software and systems from multiple platforms. Choose the best tools for your company and know that they’ll all work together to meet your unique business needs.

Data Reporting

Get insightful data with detailed reporting on key metrics that can help you identify trends in your industry.

Hassle-free Time and Attendance Services Solutions:

HR Wise llc can save you time and money with our easily integrated time and attendance services for small businesses. Growing your company or transitioning to mobile systems has never been easier thanks to our easy-to-use employee time management systems and tools. See how HR Wise llc can help your business incorporate high tech solutions to your time and attendance systems today!

Get More From Your Time And Attendance Software

Time & Labor:

Workforce management solutions that work for you

Stay on top of your time and attendance reporting metrics with Time and Labor. Remove cost prohibitive manual tracking by streamlining administrative workload while increasing accuracy of time and attendance records.

Attendance Tracking:

Use point-based tracking to see employee attendance

Take your employee attendance tracking metrics up a notch with point-based tracking systems to see where tardiness and absenteeism could be holding your business back.

Schedule Builder:

Automated scheduling options

Quickly create and adjust employee schedules from anywhere. Link to payroll data to avoid having to manually adjust time cards when unexpected changes occur. Scheduling has never been easier.

Reporting & Dashboards:

Reports and data tracking for increased workflow

Access insightful data points that can highlight where your business is making money and where there is room for improvement. Live dashboards make viewing schedules and adjusting time cards a breeze.

HR Wise llc Time and Attendance Services FAQs

While industries have evolved with technology, there are some areas that are still stuck in the dark ages. Time clocks are one of them. These punch-based methods for tracking time still require an employee to track and calculate employee hours manually. Cloud-based workforce management solutions can remove the likelihood of human error and cut down on administrative time spent calculating payroll each week. Smart time clocks record and track payroll information, calculate hours, and then send to payroll for automatic and accurate processing. Smart time clocks also have biometric capabilities meaning that employees can’t clock in or out for each other.

Absolutely, our systems are all compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Staying compliant and managing overtime costs are two of the most beneficial aspects to using HR Wise llc’s time and attendance systems for small businesses. Properly classify workers, automatically calculate hours worked, and have visibility on who is approaching overtime hours in a given pay period. Manage overtime needs and legalities that are specific to your business and location.

Time and attendance are a part of all HR Wise llc employee time management systems. Processing is streamlined with easy access through individual usernames and passwords that provide employees and administration with immediate and accurate information. All time tracking information is stored centrally and employee data flows seamlessly HR, payroll, and timekeeping. Fewer mistakes and faster access to the data you need to improve your workforce management systems.

Yes, the HR Wise llc mobile app lets employees clock in, request time off, and view their schedules on their mobile devices. Utilizing geofencing capabilities can ensure that employees are within a specific geographic location to a worksite for clocking in and out. The HR Wise app also features tools like payroll, HCM options, and benefits management.

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