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HR Wise llc is here to take the headache out of payroll.  Payroll is an extremely important function of every business but it is also time consuming.  Let HR Wise llc handle this complicated and time consuming part of your business so you can focus on what is important.

Get Custom Tailored Medium To Small Business Payroll Services In Phoenix, AZ

Find out how much time and money you could be saving by having HR Wise llc manage your payroll and HR services.


Process your payroll fast and from anywhere with our mobile platform


Customized Payroll Solutions. Only pay for services that are unique to your business.

Certified Payroll

Fast and compliant Davis-Bacon reporting at the federal, state, and municipal level. Integrates directly with your payroll.


Easily connect all your business systems; Payroll, Time Tracking, & Accounting/ERP


Employer & Employee taxes accurate, on time and in compliance.

See How HR Wise llc Can Help Your Medium To Small Business With Payroll Services

Payroll and HR services are our speciality. HR Wise has been helping small businesses with payroll services in Phoenix, AZ for over 20 years. See how our team of dedicated account managers can help you grow your business.

Payroll Services Tailor Made For Your Business

See how much easier payroll and HR can be for your company. Get a custom built payroll services plan for any sized business.

Small Business Payroll: 1 - 49 Employees

Payroll services for your small business completed with just a few clicks.

  • Process your payroll faster and from anywhere with cloud-based technology
  • Leave the taxes to us –– taxes calculated and paid on your behalf 
  • Support from dedicated account managers

Midsized Business Payroll: 50 - 1,000+ Employees

Dynamic and custom built payroll and HR services that grow with your business.

  • Secure, fast, and reliable payroll services
  • Human capital management solutions
  • HR, benefits, recruiting, and retirement support to help attract and retain top talent

Payroll Services And Much More

Expense Management:

Easily manage receipts and reimbursement requests. Our expense calculator tool makes it simple to process expenses online. Employees can send receipts on-the-go and get approval instantly. Upgrade your team to the fastest and easiest expense management platform today.

Tax Services:

Updated tax legislation and compliance are no longer a guessing game with HR Wise tax services. Our experts accurately prepare, review, and file all of your tax related documents for you. Save yourself the time and frustration of sorting through complicated tax codes and let the HR Wise llc team handle your employer and employee taxes.

On Demand Payment:

Flexible options for pay periods gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to keeping your employees happy. To attract and retain top talent to your company, you need to provide your staff with non-traditional payment options. On demand payments allow you to offer your staff access to earned wages before payday with no extra paperwork for you.

Garnishment Managed Services:

Wage garnishments are a complicated and common problem for small business payroll services managers. If not filed properly, the consequences for your business could be costly. Luckily, HR Wise llc offers Garnishment Managed Services that can help your team navigate the murky waters of garnishment management. Our payroll experts can take the stress out of compliance with complex state and federal requirements and help you focus on what really matters — your business.

HR Wise llc Payroll Services FAQs

Saving you time to focus on growing your company is our top priority. The complexities of small business payroll services are vast and ever-changing. Our payroll services experts can make sure that your business is compliant with state and federal guidelines to protect you from fines and other penalties.

HR Wise llc offers a variety of custom built small businesses payroll services in Phoenix, AZ. Utilizing cloud-based online platforms, dashboards, and software gives you the freedom to track payroll costs, timecards, and expenses all with just a few clicks. Our software calculates taxes, retirement, wage garnishments, and other benefits automatically, so you don’t have to. Trust that your business is always up to date on state and federal compliance for payroll and HR matters.

HR Wise llc manages your payroll taxes and automates employee payroll ensuring that the right amount is deducted. You’ll have the most up to date information and services to guarantee that your company is compliant with tax code for federal and state filing.

Yes, HR Wise llc has the capability to integrate services like time/attendance, HR, retirement, and insurance into your payroll platform. You can update your plan at any time to add on features that meet your small business payroll services needs.

HR Wise llc provides your employees with access to their payroll documents and benefits online and through our mobile app. Paystubs, time off requests, and time/attendance management can all be updated from anywhere.

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